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About Us

A couple of guys with a thing for cars

We Understand Cars

This dream started like most, in a garage. A couple of guys with a thing for cars and honestly, the looks of the new C8 engine. After delivery of our, let’s face it, long awaited shipment of cars we found one problem; We couldn’t see the engine of our dream car. We came up with a simple solution. Make it clear! While our dream started with one piece, we have a team dedicated to innovation and product development to manufacture high quality, affordable, made in the USA parts that we crave for our rides. We wanted to make a mark on the aftermarket car parts industry. We hope you join us for the ride!


Our Mission Statement

Our mission at RapidRev is simple: To create an unforgettable customer experience while delivering the highest quality, innovative parts at an affordable price, faster than anyone else.

Most mission statements are cheesy, over-engineered, and built around a checklist. Ours was written in a garage by two guys who have a dream. We strive for every customer to leave feeling like family. With our passion for cars driving our innovation instead of our profit line, we can offer our family the highest quality, innovative parts at an affordable price and faster than anyone else. We listen to what our friends and family want and manufacture our parts to match their vibe.

A One-Stop Shop for Automotive Enthusiasts

We offer free shipping to the continental United States and orders placed by 4 PM will ship out the same day (2 day shipping for most items).

Free shipping on every order to the lower 48 states

Tested & proven before any product lands on our shelves, it's thoroughly tested

Exceptional Customer Service

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